Many customers ask us to help do IC programming and subsequently manage the functional tests. In this way, all printed circuit boards could be ensured in best quality. A lot of IC programming methods are available at NOD Electronics such as ST-link. Online and offline IC programming can be well handled here. Our equppied desktops on production lines can deal with this job perfectly.


We can provide you with flexible and comprehensive process of electronic products PCB assembly testing and inspection through our great capabilities, customized particularly to your products’ unique requirements.

Testing Equipment

Our constantly enhanced testing capabilities are more than enough for any marketplace requirements. In terms of product design, component and parts purchase, manufacturing procedure and batch volume production, we target to carry out together testing strategies that increase manufacturing capability, reduce PCB assembly costs, and deliver the highest PCB assembly quality. Below are some highlights of our total testing capabilities:

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

In ensuring the precision of placement and soldering, AOI is a powerful tool both for continuous process monitoring and to filter out defects for repair, such as shorts, avoids, incorrect shape etc.

In-circuit test (ICT)

For volume production, NOD’s ICT and ATE capabilities enable quick testing for various range of PCB assembly and component defects, with an ability for more than 5000 testing points and a maximum of 73cm in board width.

Flying probe

Our flying probe testing capability offers with the flexibility to PCB prototypes and small volume full testing requirement, without building expensive custom fixtures.

X-ray inspection (3D & 2D)

For BGA, QFN and through-hole components, our X-ray inspection enables the visual verification against voids, shorts, insufficient fill.

Function test (FCT)

Each product gets requirement of a variety of approach to the function test (FCT). Our sophisticated engineering team implement efficient custom testing systems in-house, perfectly suitable with your product.

Burn-in test

Our burn-in testing provides the inspections you need that your products will perform, survive and last in real-life environments. Your product will get better life performance after our team acting burn-in-test.

AIRMEND fully complies with our PCB assembly inspection and testing strategies to offer best high quality product to our customers. Any complex designed PCB could be assembled efficiently under a variety of inspection and testing equipment. We will bring you into a comfortable purchase of PCB manufacturing and assembly services without any hassle.