PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing Services

As a PCB manufacturer, AIRMEND targets to become high cost performance supplier and strives to offer an competitive option to small-medium business during the global sourcing of PCB manufacturers, with attractive one-stop PCB purchase services. With industrial 15+ years experience, we fulfill strict factory management, optimize manufacturing capabilities, enhance internal and external sales service level. In this way, we are gradually relied on by a growing number of global customers from such as USA, UK, France, Turkey, Belgium, Japan, Russia, UAE etc. In terms of our quick response, high quality PCB manufacturing, complete process of PCB manufacturing and great concept of top customer, we could be first choice for small-medium business, regardless of order from only 1 piece to hundreds of thousand pieces.

PCB manufacturing needs advanced equipment, sophisticated engineers, perfect internal management system and sincere customer attitudes. These are why we can build up high level of PCB manufacturing capabilities. Excellent market performance can re-feed the enhancement of manufacturing capabilities. We run in this virtuous circle to be your top choice of PCB manufacturer. We can support flexible printed circuit, HDI PCB, aluminum PCB, rigid flex PCB, carbon ink PCB, blind and buried via PCB, heavy copper PCB and impedance PCB.

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Through Hole PCB
Max. Layers20
Max. Plate Thickness8.0mm
Min. Plate Thickness0.4mm
Max. thickness/Diameter Ratio14:01
Max. Copper Thickness4OZ
Max. Plate Size2000x610mm
Min. Thickness of 4 Layers PCB0.33mm
Min. Mechanical Hole/Pad0.15/0.35mm
Drilling Precision+/-0.025mm
PTH Hole Tolerance+/-0.03mm
Min. Line Width/Space0.065/0.065mm
Surface FinishENIG/   OSP/ HASL/ Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin   Plating/Ag Plating/ Carbon Ink
Min. Line Width/Space0.05/0.05mm
Key Line/Tolerance0.065/15%
Min. Blind Hole Diameter0.10mm
Blind Hole Loading Pad Size0.23mm
PTH & Blind Hole Size0.20mm
PTH PAD Size0.35mm
Blind Hole thickness/Diameter Ratio1:01
HDI Orders3+N+3
Min. Thickness of 8 Layers PCB0.8mm
Min. Pad Side Window0.038mm
Min. Ink Bridge0.065mm
Min. CSP/BGA Space/
Impedance Tolerance±5%
Surface FinishENIG/   OSP/ HASL/ Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin   Plating/Ag Plating/ Carbon Ink
FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)
Max. Plate Size2000*240mm
Max. Layers10
Min. Line Width/Space (1/4OZ)0.04mm
Min. Line Width/Space (1/3OZ)0.05mm
Min. Line Width/Space (1/2OZ)0.055mm
Min. Through Hole0.15mm
Min. Hole Pad0.25mm
Min. Laser Hole0.10mm
Min. Laser Hole Pad0.25mm
Cover Film Alignment Tolerance0.15mm
Shape Tolerance0.05mm
Min. Slot Width0.60mm
Pitch Tolerance±0.05mm
Rigid Flex (YES/NO)Yes
Air Gap (Yes/No)Yes
Surface FinishENIG/  OSP/ Au Plating (soft/hard)

PCB Manufacturing Quality Inspections

Complete IPQC is our highlight of quality controls. We set IPQC position during the over 20 processes of PCB fabrication. Therefore, we can avoid any opportunity cost due to fault passed to next workstation and reduce scrap rate. Our low cost of PCB fabrication will bring high price discount to our customers. Moreover, a closed loop performs well with flying probe, test frame, AOI and other sight inspections. We want to be a PCB manufacturer responsible for your brand in the marketplace.

15+ years experiences enable our engineering and quality capabilities in the forefront of PCB manufacturers. IQC, IPQC, OQA positions are set up to control product qualities.

(1)Process file: our engineer will verify if customer PCB files are correct at the beginning of order production, confirm manufacturing process according to customer design requirements, add marks on side of process files to reduce failure probability and put clear sign of correct direction on solder mask film.

(2)Copperplate storage, cut and drilling: Choose A grade copperplate for sorted storing, edge polishing in avoidance of hurting film and taking impurity to electroplating chemicals, and measure drill error, ensure using correct drill and check via deviation, diameter and loss.

(3)Copper plating and electroplating: Perform regular checking chemical concentration in electroplating line, in order to make electroplating steadily. We pick cross-section slicing for each board to check via copper thickness and quality under electron microscope. All slices will be reserved.

(4)Darkroom management: Ink consistency is one of crucial factors for PCB manufacturing. We strictly control stir duration, speed and ambient temperature and humidity, place air shower in dust-free plant to guarantee cleanliness to keep temperature and humidity in dust-free plant.

(5)Test and Improvements: Use flying probe to test sample and small batch order and ensure quality as required. Test frame is applied to ensure 100% safe quality before shipment. Also, we make problem categories for future improvements.