PCBA Products

Advanced PCB Manufacturing

We choose A+ grade copperplate to ensure stable performance (general FR-4) of PCB fabrication. During the manufacturing process, automatic copper plating lines and high-speed drilling machines to make accuracy and fast delivery guaranteed. All printed circuit board will be detected by advanced automatic flying probe machines (or test frame ) at subsequent stages to make sure each PCB is OK from inner circuits to outside shape. With the initial stage of PCB design, timing is always very crucial. Our quick-turn for PCB assembly prototyping, ECO (Engineering change orders) and BGA reballing/rework services brings your lead time with the highest regard, no matter order volume (as little as one piece). Our 20 hours PCB sample express service has already been a life saver for huge many product design teams facing strict deadlines.

  • Immersion Tin PCB Assembly

    Immersion Tin PCB Assembly

    Equipped with a professional and thriving immersion tin PCB factory, AIRMEND is one of the transcendent manufacturers of tin printed circuit board and tin plated circuit board.​

  • Immersion Silver PCB Assembly

    Immersion Silver PCB Assembly

    Immersion Silver PCB AssemblyAIRMEND enjoys a good reputation among our customers and suppliers. We have more than 70% of our customers from all over the world, including the United States, Japan, Tur

  • Impedance Control PCB Assembly

    Impedance Control PCB Assembly

    NOD Electronics has many years of experience producing PCB and low-quantity production runs with short lead times for many different types of applications.

  • Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturing

    Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics are specialized in the production of carbon ink PCB manufacturing approved by ISO9001 and ISO2001. Now we are the secondary supplier of Casio with huge production volume.

  • Aluminum PCB Manufacturing

    Aluminum PCB Manufacturing

    As a professional aluminum PCB manufacturing Maker, NOD Electronics strives to be your reliable partner of offering through-process PCB manufacturing services.

  • Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing

    Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing

    Once you have completed PCB manufacturing course, now it’s time to prepare incoming materials according to BOM list and start up the PCB assembly phase or check back the PCB design. Also for more details, you can review more our services.

  • Flexible PCB Manufacturing

    Flexible PCB Manufacturing

    Flexible PCB is widely applied in modern digital products such as wearable devices, laptop, LCD panel, camera, DVD, automobile, outer space communication and military products, which has high requirements of manufacturing quality control.

  • Rigid PCB Manufacturing

    Rigid PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex, and Multilayer Flex. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available.