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Best offer of quality PCB assembly services at low-to-large volume, verified by ISO9001 and IPC-A-610E standards, including FR-4, flexible, rigid-flex, carbon ink, aluminum types. We are capable of controlled impedance, heavy copper, HDI, blind & buried vias. You will enjoy up to 50% discount of all PCB assembly prototype first order, because we can reduce costs by a good relationship with upstream component manufacturers, refined internal engineering process, advanced facilities and responsive team at high efficiency. Our incoming material control, in-process control, outgoing assurance will make PCB assembly quality at very high level, that's why we are working with global customers from a range of industries, including communication, medical, auto, aerospace, military, system controller, musical instruments etc.

  • Artificial prosthesis PCB Assembly

    Artificial prosthesis PCB Assembly

    The development of artificial limbs has always been a major issue. From the simplest prosthesis at the beginning to the more and more intelligent prosthesis now, all of them are for the convenience of users and the improvement of user experience.

  • Fully enclosed vibrating toothbrush PCB Assembly

    Fully enclosed vibrating toothbrush PCB Assembly

    The full-enclosed vibrating toothbrush looks like an athlete's protective bracket. Users only need to apply toothpaste on the top of the brush bristles when using it, then place it in the entrance cavity at the position of the teeth, and gently bite the toothbrush.

  • Portable display PCB Assembly

    Portable display PCB Assembly

    The most attractive thing about portable monitors is that they allow laptops to have dual-screen displays instantaneously without independent power supply, even without external monitors.

  • Portable solar oven PCB Assembly

    Portable solar oven PCB Assembly

    The portable solar oven is portable, compact and collapsible, and can be outbound on a backpack. In the iconic cylindrical design, the user only needs to put the food inside, open the outer reflective plate, and through refraction, the food inside will be cooked in high temperature environment.

  • Accumulator mechanical keyboard PCB Assembly

    Accumulator mechanical keyboard PCB Assembly

    The biggest selling point of the accumulative mechanical keyboard is to be able to sense the strength of finger pressing, so that users can have a better performance in the use of the process. Especially in the game experience.

  • Smart AR projector assistant PCB Assembly

    Smart AR projector assistant PCB Assembly

    The biggest highlight of the smart AR projector assistant is its own AR production system, which is convenient for users to modify local projection content.

  • Bicycle speed meter PCB Assembly

    Bicycle speed meter PCB Assembly

    Bicycle speed meter, also known as tachometers, are electronic devices that are mounted on bicycles to record and display bicycle-related cycling data. With sensors installed, they can monitor current speed, mileage, duration, etc. Some high-end bicycle speedometers can also show elevation, air pressure, slope, time and so on.

  • Smart desk PCB Assembly

    Smart desk PCB Assembly

    Smart desk is a smart home products, built-in environmental monitor, can monitor the surrounding light intensity, air quality (PM2.5 / formaldehyde, etc.), environmental comfort (temperature, humidity)