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Best offer of quality PCB assembly services at low-to-large volume, verified by ISO9001 and IPC-A-610E standards, including FR-4, flexible, rigid-flex, carbon ink, aluminum types. We are capable of controlled impedance, heavy copper, HDI, blind & buried vias. You will enjoy up to 50% discount of all PCB assembly prototype first order, because we can reduce costs by a good relationship with upstream component manufacturers, refined internal engineering process, advanced facilities and responsive team at high efficiency. Our incoming material control, in-process control, outgoing assurance will make PCB assembly quality at very high level, that's why we are working with global customers from a range of industries, including communication, medical, auto, aerospace, military, system controller, musical instruments etc.

  • Smart shower system PCB Assembly

    Smart shower system PCB Assembly

    The smart shower system consists of a shower and an intelligent controller mounted on the wall.

  • Tracking drone PCB Assembly

    Tracking drone PCB Assembly

    The tracking drone is a drone with automatic driving technology. The tracking drone is equipped with 13 cameras, which can observe the surrounding situation in an all-round way.

  • Smart jacket PCB Assembly

    Smart jacket PCB Assembly

    The smart jacket is a thermostatic jacket that automatically adjusts the temperature of the clothes through the built-in AI smart system, and you can warmly spend the winter with a thin jacket.

  • Smart insole PCB Assembly

    Smart insole PCB Assembly

    The smart insole can improve the wrong posture from a scientific point of view by detecting the pressure of the soles of the feet to obtain various data of the body.

  • Low temperature cooking oven PCB Assembly

    Low temperature cooking oven PCB Assembly

    The low-temperature cooking oven uses a low-temperature cooking technique to make a variety of ingredients at the same time, whether it is seafood, meat, or vegetables.

  • Color picker PCB Assembly

    Color picker PCB Assembly

    The color picker can extract the color of any object in life. The color picker illuminates the surface of the object through the built-in light source.

  • Offshore wind turbine PCB Assembly

    Offshore wind turbine PCB Assembly

    The general wind turbines are built on land, however offshore wind turbines can be built within 25 kilometers of the coast. Even the winds at sea it can be used efficiently.

  • Smart piggy bank PCB Assembly

    Smart piggy bank PCB Assembly

    Traditional piggy bank needs to put money into the piggy bank. How much money can be saved depends entirely on the size of the piggy bank.Smart piggy bank will not be limited to the size. Smart piggy bank can be connected with intelligent devices.