Infrared Thermometer PCB Assembly

Infrared Thermometer is divided into contact  and non-contact two kinds, which are measuring the temperature by Infrared. Contact type is divided into ear temperature gun and frontal temperature gun, when using the ear temperature gun, it needs to contact human body, in order to avoid bacterial infection, you need to replace the protective rubber sleeve after use. Non-contact is a frontal temperature gun, to use a probe from the forehead about 5-8cm, you can get accurate body temperature. Easy to use, fast, very suitable for all types of people.

Type : Rigid
Layer(s) : 4
Laminate Thickness : 1.0mm
Copper Thickness : 1.5oz
Surface Finish : OSP
Transport Package : Foam
Certificates : TS16949

Infrared Thermometer PCB Assembly

Infrared Thermometer is divided into contact  and non-contact two kinds, which are measuring the temperature by Infrared. Contact type is divided into ear temperature gun and frontal temperature gun, when using the ear temperature gun, it needs to contact human body, in order to avoid bacterial infection, you need to replace the protective rubber sleeve after use. Non-contact is a frontal temperature gun, to use a probe from the forehead about 5-8cm, you can get accurate body temperature. Easy to use, fast, very suitable for all types of people.AIRMEND is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of PCB assembly for air curtain burner, smart light bulb, infrared cooker, intelligent induction lamp, coffee alarm clock.

Infrared Thermometer PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly ManufacturingAvailable PCB Assembly ServicesPCB Assembly Machines
4 SMT linesUp to 12 layers, blind and buried via, impedance, heavy copper, HDI.Fuji CP8 series SMT mounters
2 DIP linesSMT/DIPAuto solder paste screen printer
0201 componentIn circuit testReflow ovens with 10 zones
0.25mm BGAFunction circuit testAuto optical inspection
SMT 4 million spot dailyBurn in testWave soldering (lead-free)
DIP 1 million spot dailyBox BuildPCB assembly test room

Infrared Thermometer PCB Assembly Process Control

AIRMEND fully show respect to your strict confidentiality of documentation and procedures and has formalized a range of control process that can ensure customer products in delivery of good quality. We will operate the process during Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA) etc stages and management methods ISO, 7 sigma, PDCA.

PCB Assembly Process

At Accelerated Assemblies, we not only provide lead free printed circuit boards for your industrial applications, but also help you migrate to lead free and ROHS compliant PCB assembly services.

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