Auto PCB Manufacturing

Driven by our desire to increase efficiency and maintain product quality we are committed to continuing to invest in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that we remain a major force in the China electronics market.

Type : Carbon Ink
Layer(s) : Double-sided
Laminate Thickness : 1.0mm
Copper Thickness : 1oz
Surface Finish : HSAL
Transport Package : Vacuum
Certificates : RoHS

Auto PCB Manufacturing

At Cleveland Circuits we recognize the importance of investing in the latest technology and automated equipment to provide our customers with high quality printed circuit boards and PCB assemblies with a flexible and responsive approach to our customers needs.

Our Capabilities of PCB Manufacturing

Total Pad SizeStandardAdvanced
Capture PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
Landing PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
BC Mechanical Drill (Type III)0.0080.006
Laser Drill Size0.004-0.0100.0025
Material Thickness0.00350.0025
Stacked ViaYesYes
Type I Capabilities single & Double DeepYesYes
Type II Capabilities Buried Vias with MicroviasYesYes
Type III CapabilitiesYesYes
Copper Filled MicroviaYesYes
Smallest Copper Filled Microvia0.0040.0025
Copper Filled Microvia Aspect Ratio0.75:11:1
Smallest Laser Microvia Hole Size0.0040.0025
Laser Via Aspect Ratio (Depth:Diameter)0.75:11:1

All of our manufacturing equipment is selected to provide high quality processing with efficient throughput and minimal changeover times. By ensuring we select and invest in the right equipment we are able to provide high quality PCB assembly solutions for high mix, small to medium batch requirements.

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