Anticollision vest PCB Assembly

The anti-collision vest is made of the same carbon fiber material as the Formula 1 racing car.

Type : Rigid
Layer(s) : 6
Laminate Thickness : 1.0mm
Copper Thickness : 1oz
Surface Finish : HSAL
Transport Package : Foam
Certificates : ISO9001

Anticollision vest PCB Assembly

The anti-collision vest is made of the same carbon fiber material as the Formula 1 racing car. When an accident occurs, it can effectively reduce the damage to the chest and rib area caused by the impact. In a car accident, the driver often suffers the greatest impact near the fourth rib in front of his chest. The rubber pad built in the triangle area of his vest helps to cushion the impact. Then the carbon fiber shield in front of his chest will effectively disperse the impact force and reduce the damage to his heart and lungs. The collision vest can play a role in this moment of impact. Apart from the carbon fiber shield in front of the vest, the other materials are made of rubber and man-made fibers, which can reduce the overall weight of the vest while having good elasticity.AIRMEND is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of PCB assembly for air curtain burner, smart light bulb, infrared cooker, intelligent induction lamp, coffee alarm clock.

Anticollision vest PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly ManufacturingAvailable PCB Assembly ServicesPCB Assembly Machines
4 SMT linesUp to 12 layers, blind and buried via, impedance, heavy copper, HDI.Fuji CP8 series SMT mounters
2 DIP linesSMT/DIPAuto solder paste screen printer
0201 componentIn circuit testReflow ovens with 10 zones
0.25mm BGAFunction circuit testAuto optical inspection
SMT 4 million spot dailyBurn in testWave soldering (lead-free)
DIP 1 million spot dailyBox BuildPCB assembly test room

Anticollision vest PCB Assembly Process Control

AIRMEND fully show respect to your strict confidentiality of documentation and procedures and has formalized a range of control process that can ensure customer products in delivery of good quality. We will operate the process during Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA) etc stages and management methods ISO, 7 sigma, PDCA.

PCB Assembly Process

At Accelerated Assemblies, we not only provide lead free printed circuit boards for your industrial applications, but also help you migrate to lead free and ROHS compliant PCB assembly services.

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