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Best offer of quality PCB assembly services at low-to-large volume, verified by ISO9001 and IPC-A-610E standards, including FR-4, flexible, rigid-flex, carbon ink, aluminum types. We are capable of controlled impedance, heavy copper, HDI, blind & buried vias. You will enjoy up to 50% discount of all PCB assembly prototype first order, because we can reduce costs by a good relationship with upstream component manufacturers, refined internal engineering process, advanced facilities and responsive team at high efficiency. Our incoming material control, in-process control, outgoing assurance will make PCB assembly quality at very high level, that's why we are working with global customers from a range of industries, including communication, medical, auto, aerospace, military, system controller, musical instruments etc.

  • Smart weight scale PCB Assembly

    Smart weight scale PCB Assembly

    Smart weight scales can be connected to the mobile phone APP and record weight changes over time, and will help you analyze the eight indexes including the body's muscle content, moisture content, calories, weight, BMI, bone density, fat content and visceral fat content. It can provide advice on healthy eating and exercise according to these indexes.

  • Electric clothes rack PCB Assembly

    Electric clothes rack PCB Assembly

    The emergence of electric drying racks has greatly improved the comfort of life, and it also facilitates the elderly, children, and pregnant women to dry clothes at home. The electric drying racks are mainly composed of a host system, a lifting system, and a clothes drying system. The height of the clothes rack can be controlled, which is very convenient.

  • Aviation obstruction lights PCB Assembly

    Aviation obstruction lights PCB Assembly

    Aviation obstruction lights are equipment installed on high-rise buildings to show the outline of buildings. Aviation obstruction lights must use a flash mode. It can help pilots distinguish obstacles and ground constant light sources at high altitudes and determine visibility.

  • Smart loudspeaker PCB Assembly

    Smart loudspeaker PCB Assembly

    The smart loudspeaker is the part of the smart home. It can play music, shop online, broadcast weather forecasts, read news and so on through voice control.

  • Vending machine PCB Assembly

    Vending machine PCB Assembly

    Vending machines are machines that can automatically sell goods on the basis of the money put in. According to the different kinds of goods sold, it can be divided into four kinds, namely, beverage vending machine, food vending machine, comprehensive vending machine and cosmetic vending machine. Vending machine has the characteristics of small volume, free from time and space restrictions and convenient transaction. Nowadays, vending machines can be seen everywhere.

  • Smart lock PCB Assembly

    Smart lock PCB Assembly

    The smart lock is different from traditional mechanical lock. It is more intelligent in user identification, security and management.

  • Solar energy lamps PCB Assembly

    Solar energy lamps PCB Assembly

    Solar energy lamps are generally suitable for some places, such as urban roads, residential squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions and park green belts.

  • Smart anti-lost patch PCB Assembly

    Smart anti-lost patch PCB Assembly

    The smart anti-lost patch is an anti-lost device, whose development is based on Bluetooth technology and internet technology. It is small in size, and can be used with a mobile phone APP. Besides, this device also has other functions, such as quick positioning and sounding an alarm. The purpose of this function is to let people know where the item is. It is generally used for valuable items or pets.