Cause and solution of SMT throwing material

2018-09-28 16:37:47 Ramon 227

SMT throwing is what we usually say about throwing material, that is, the material is thrown out in the process of moving the suction nozzle of the mounter to the position of the PCB patch after taking the material from the tray. Generally, when this problem occurs, we can analyze and solve it from the following points:


1、suction mouth problem:

The suction nozzle is deformed, blocked and damaged, resulting in insufficient air pressure, air leakage, resulting in inadequate suction, improper material taking, identification and throwing.

Solution: clean and replace the suction nozzle.

2、identify system problems:

Poor vision, unclean vision or laser lens, clutter interference identification, identification of light source selection is not appropriate and intensity, gray level is not enough, and may identify the system has been broken.

Solution: Clean the surface of recognition system, keep clean and free from contamination, adjust the intensity of light source, gray level, replace the recognition system components.


If the material is not in the center of the material and the height of the material is not correct (usually 0.05MM is the lowest pressure after the part is touched), the material is not taken correctly, there is a deviation, and the identification system is discarded as invalid material.

Solution: adjust the location of the reclaimer.


The air pressure is insufficient, the vacuum pipe passage is not smooth, there are conductors blocked the vacuum passage, or the vacuum leak caused by insufficient air pressure and can not take up the material or drop on the way to paste.

Solution: adjust the pressure steep slope to the equipment to request the air pressure value, clean the air pressure pipeline, repair the leak path.

5、procedural issues:

The component parameters in the edited program are not set correctly, and the inconsistency with the physical size, brightness and other parameters of the incoming material causes the recognition to fail and is discarded.

Solution: modify component parameters and search for optimal parameter settings.

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