What is the role of an SMT engineer?

2018-12-13 17:32:14 Ramon 234

There are two types of SMT engineers, one is equipment engineer and the other is process engineer.


The main responsibilities of the equipment engineer:

1. Develop work instructions for equipment operation.

2. Organize relevant equipment skills training according to the technician's job skills requirements.

3. Specify equipment maintenance plans and monitor implementation.

4. Requisition and management of common equipment and consumables for equipment.

5. Based on the department's set goals, continuous improvement and improvement of machine and machine utilization rate, reducing downtime.

6. Provide technical support to the production line and technical training for technicians to ensure their skills are constantly improving.

7. Maintenance and monthly maintenance of poor equipment.

8. Responsible for equipment technology improvement and transformation: According to the needs of processing technology and efficiency, conduct feasibility analysis, formulate equipment improvement and transformation plan, implement and confirm the final result.

9. Establish preventive maintenance system through planned maintenance, state maintenance, and fault diagnosis to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

The main duties of the process engineer:

1. Responsible for the improvement of production line yield.

2. Analyze and study the bad problems, propose improvement reports, and follow up.

3. Responsible for handling the treatment of batch defects and reporting to the supervisor for approval.

4. Responsible for the definition and management of work instructions related to process parameters.

5. Responsible for customer and other department feedback issues: timely response, organization, investigation, analysis of reasons, development of preventive measures, tracking implementation process, confirm the final results.

6. Process control: audit, record unqualified conditions, formulate corrective actions, and track implementation to confirm the final effect.

7. Regularly hold a process improvement meeting to implement quality improvement measures and confirm the final results.

8. According to the management report such as “Production Daily Report”, “QC/QA Inspection Daily Report” and “Production Statistics Table”, the quality status is tracked and confirmed in combination with the actual production in the workshop.

9. According to the requirements of the company or superiors, as well as the actual needs of the workshop, propose improvement plans and improvement suggestions, and promote and supervise the determined improvement requirements.

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