How to shorten PCBA delivery time?

2018-10-12 21:00:14 Ramon 185

Now many customers react to PCBA for too long. Why? How can we shorten the PCBA delivery period by communicating and collaborate with customers and PCBA manufacturers?


In today's environment, the price of electronic components has risen dramatically, and some models of components are difficult to procure, which makes it very difficult for PCBA to purchase. On the one hand, it needs to control the cost of procurement, on the other hand, it needs to procure materials back as soon as possible, especially some imported materials from abroad. It usually takes one or two months, or longer. Customers want to get the product as soon as possible after placing an order, so in order to avoid this situation, firstly we have to consider whether we can find alternative materials, if we can find alternative materials, and there is stock can be purchased immediately back, that is the best way to solve the problem, if the material can not be replaced, then we need to estimate and place orders in advance, greatly reducing the time to purchase materials, before the need for a month or two of materials, orders in advance, one or two weeks after the receipt of materials, which can greatly shorten the lead time of the entire PCBA.

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