What are the PCBA workshop management requirements and precautions?

2018-05-14 09:45:45 zhengxiaowei 204

PCBA production equipment and PCBA processing technology have certain requirements for the workshop's power supply, ventilation capacity, temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, anti-static, and production personnel wear accessories.

 1, power requirements

The power supply voltage and power meet PCBA processing equipment requirements. The voltage is stable. If it does not meet the requirements, a regulated power supply is required. The power of the power supply is greater than the power consumption of the device.

The power requirement of the placement machine is independent. Because the placement machine has a high operating speed. If it is connected with other equipment, it will easily produce electromagnetic interference, affecting the normal operation of the placement machine and placement accuracy.

 2, ventilation capacity

Both reflow and wave soldering equipment have exhaust and flue gas emission requirements. So according to the equipment requirements, exhaust fans should be configured.

 3, temperature and humidity requirements

For the normal operation of the equipment and the high standards of the production process, the ambient temperature of the workshop is best controlled at 23±3 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is 45% to 70% RH.

 4, electrostatic protection requirements

Precise electronic components, such as IC, are easily damaged by static electricity during PCBA production. Therefore, electrostatic protection is also very important. Usually, staff entering the workshop must wear anti-static uniforms and wear work caps. Besides, shoes need to be put on shoe covers and worn and wear an anti-static wristband.

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