What is a PCBA test?

2018-06-16 16:32:06 zhengxiaowei 195

The process of PCB Assembly is very complex, including PCB board manufacturing, component procurement and inspection, SMT assembly, DIP plug-in, PCBA test and many other important processes. Because in the process of production, various problems may occur due to improper equipment or operation, so it cannot make sure that the produced products are all qualified. Therefore, PCBA testing is needed to ensure that no quality problems occur with each product. The PCBA test mainly includes five forms: ICT test, FCT test, aging test, fatigue test, and harsh environment test.


1. The ICT test mainly include on/off of the circuit, voltage and current values, and fluctuation curves, amplitude, and noise.

2. The FCT test requires IC program firing to simulate the function of the entire PCBA board, find problems in the hardware and software, and equip with the necessary patch processing fixtures and test frames.

3. The aging test is mainly to electrify the PCBA board and electronic products for a long time, keep their work and observe whether there is any failure. After the aging test, the electronic products can be sold in batches.

4. The fatigue test is mainly on the PCBA board sampling, and the function of high-frequency, long-term operation, observe whether there is failure, determine the probability of test failure, in order to feedback the performance of PCBA board electronic products.

5. Harsh environment test is mainly to expose the PCBA board to the limit values of temperature, humidity, drop, splash, and vibration to obtain the test results of random samples, thereby inferring the reliability of the entire batch PCBA boards.

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