What is the PCBA stamp hole?

2018-12-13 14:38:25 Ramon 219


The stamp hole refers to the inside of the board imposition. The rib connection is needed between the small board and the small board. In order to facilitate the cutting, some small holes will be opened on the rib, which is similar to the hole at the edge of the stamp. This is called a stamp hole.

The hole shape of the stamp is similar to the round hole design in the stamp. The advantage is that the strength is better than V-Cut, and unlike the Tap, the Router equipment needs to be cut and can be directly broken. However, the disadvantage is that the folding section is not easy to control accurately. If the distance is too close, It is prone to line damage, but it is scrapped.

Generally speaking, the PCB board can adopt the stamp hole technology or the double-sided engraving V-groove segmentation technology. When using the stamp hole, it should be noted that the edge should be evenly distributed around each panel to avoid welding. The PCB is unevenly stressed and deformed. The position of the stamp hole should be close to the inside of the PCB board to prevent the residual burrs at the stamp hole from affecting the customer's complete assembly. When a double-sided V-shaped groove is used, the depth of the V-shaped groove should be controlled to about 1/3 (the sum of the grooves on both sides), and the groove size is required to be accurate and the depth is uniform.

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