How to choose PCBA packaging?

2018-03-16 19:31:50 zhengxiaowei 157

If a product that has undergone multiple processes has problems during the final shipping process, we will lose a lot. Therefore, we must pay special attention to packaging during transportation. We should prepare the packaging according to the customer's requirements and the characteristics of the product. When packaging, we must do the following: anti-seismic, shock-absorbing, anti-static, moisture-proof and waterproof. Here are some suggestions that it is a good choice to use more bubble bags, which is cost-effective. Besides, EPE is a new type of environmentally-friendly packaging material, which overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary Styrofoam, such as brittleness, deformation, and poor recovery. There are some components that are more sensitive and need to be protected. Some sensitive components need anti-static bags and vacuum bags for packaging and transportation. Packaging materials used for sensitive components need to be analyzed and judged according to actual conditions.


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