What is the PCBA inspection standard for finished products?

2018-05-24 19:39:36 zhengxiaowei 187


1, check whether all the components on the product are consistent with the BOM list, and there are no bad conditions such as lack of material and wrong material.


2. Whether the direction of the pole placement is correct.


3. Whether the appearance of the components is complete, whether there is any breakage, and the insulation skin of the battery can not be damaged, dirty or painted.


4, check whether the solder joints have sharp points, false welding, false welding, trachoma, leather, short circuit, welding, poor tin and so on.


5, IC, PCB, triode, BGA and QFN need to check whether the screen printing is correct when testing.


6, all DIP components need 100% tin solder. Front pad tin solder needs to wrap the pin.


7, the components can not be monument, can not be offset.

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