The places to pay attention to in the design and processing of PCBA in China

2018-08-02 14:21:19 Ramon 260


1, The tin position can not have a silk screen.

2. The minimum distance between copper foil and edge is 0.5mm. The minimum distance between component and edge is 5.0mm. The minimum distance between pads and edge is 4.0mm.

3, Copper foil minimum clearance: single panel 0.3mm double-sided board 0.2mm.

4, The design of double-sided plate should be paid attention to, the components of the metal shell. When the plug-in contact with the printed board, the top layer of the plate can not be opened, must be covered with resistance welding oil or silk printing oil.

5. Jumpers should not be placed under IC or motors, potentiometers and other large metal housings.

6, Electrolytic capacitor can not touch the components of heat, such as high power resistance, thermistor, transformer, radiator. The minimum interval between the electrolytic capacitor and the radiator is 10mm other components to the radiator, and the interval is 2.0mm.

7, Large components (such as transformers, electrolytic capacitors with diameters of 15mm or more, large current socket) should increase the pad.

8, The minimum line width of copper foil: single panel 0.3mm, double-sided plate 0.2mm and the smallest copper foil should also be 1.0mm.

9, Screw hole radius 5mm can not have copper foil (except for grounding) and components (or according to the structural requirements).

10、The size of the plate (diameter) of the general through hole assembly (diameter) is two times the minimum of the double panel of the aperture and the minimum of the 1.5mm single panel is 2.0mm if the round plate can not be used for a circular plate.

11、The pad center distance is less than 2.5mm, the adjacent pad shall be wrapped with silk ink pad, and the width of silk screen oil is 0.2mm.

12、A component that needs to be welded after a tin furnace. The solder plate should be removed. The direction is opposite to the direction of tin. It is 0.5mm to 1.0mm., which is mainly used for soldering in the single side, so as to avoid blocking over the furnace.

13、In the design of a large area of PCB (more than 500cm above) to prevent the bending of the PCB plate in the tin furnace, a 5mm to 10mm void component (can be left) should be left in the middle of the PCB plate to be used to prevent the bending of the bar during the tin furnace.

14、In order to reduce the short-circuit of the solder joints, all double sided boards are not opened through the holes.

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