What are the requirements of transport packaging after the completion of China's PCBA processing?

2018-07-07 18:06:56 zhengxiaowei 183

After the production of PCBA in China, we need to transport the PCBA into the hands of our customers in various ways. In the course of transportation, we need to pay attention to the following requirements.

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1. Packaging materials

 PCBA board is a relatively fragile and easily damaged product, and must be carefully packed with bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bag and vacuum bag before transportation.

2. Antistatic packaging

Static electricity will break through the chip in the PCBA board, because the static electricity can't be seen and touched, and easy to come out. So anti static packaging must be used in the process of packing and transportation.

3. Moistureproof packaging

The surface of PCBA should be cleaned and dried before packing, and conformal coating should be coated.

4, Anti vibration packaging

The packed PCBA board is placed vertically in an anti static packing box. The superimposed board is no more than two layers and division plate should  also be placed in the middle, so as to keep stable and prevent shaking.

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