Top 10: Common PCB Assembly Defects

2017-06-23 10:41:53 zhengxiaowei 170

Minimization of all solder joint defects should be the goal for any SMT manufacturer. Through understanding the defect, its root causes, as well as how to prevent it, you can greatly improve the quality of all assemblies you manufacture. According to industry statistics, the top 10 PCB assembly defects which account for 84% of all manufacturing defects are Opens, Solder bridging, and Component shift, etc.

 PCB Assembly Defects

PCB assembly defects

  • Open Solder Joints

  • Solder bridges (shorts)

  • Component Shift

  • Plating Voids

  • Insufficient Copper-to-Edge Clearance

  • Slivers

  • Missing Solder Mask Between Pads

  • Acid Traps

  • Starved Thermals

  • Electromagnetic Issues


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