The Definition of PCB (Print Circuit Board) Assembly

2017-06-03 16:17:01 zhengxiaowei 164

PCB Assembly Definition

PCB assembly is a term of electronic processing industry, mainly refers to a variety of electronic parts, IC ect. Materials welded or inserted in a blank circuit board and quality inspection and test, to ensure that it has a complete circuit connection performance.

PCB Assembly Definition

Blank board is manufactured on the basis of customer PCB file. Therefore, there isn't any electronic parts on the blank board, but a variety of pads. After the mounted plug, mounted that is SMT, which means that electronic parts are welded on the pad, then need to use the DIP plug-in auxiliary processing, complete the whole welding process.

In simplest terms, printed circuit boards can be defined as intricately designed pathways created by metallic insertions for electricity to transfer smoothly, in order to reach the components of the electronic devices. This easy movement of electric power helps the electronic devices to operate fluently without interruption. After creating the printed circuit boards, the next important step is to assemble themefficiently for completion of the mechanism.