How to Ensure PCB Assembly BOM List is Correct

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What is PCB Assembly BOM List

BOM List refers to Bill of Material,using computer-aided production management,first of all to make the computer can read the composition of products manufacturing by company and all materials to be involved, In order to facilitate the computer identification, we must put the product structure by graphic expression into a data format, the data format to describe documents of the product structure is the bill of materials, which is BOM.

PCB Assembly BOM

In the electronic assembly factory, they must confirm the BOM before put into production according to customers'orders.We provide some suggestiongs on BOM proofreading according to our own factory production experiences, so you can avoid the maximum PCB assembly production risk.

1/First of all, you can develop a material coding system that has the unique code identity and has the function of sorting. In BOM list, Checking the components encoding is consistent, a clear description should also be added. The description should inclued parts type, size, SMT and hole and so on.It can help people to understand the relevant materials clearly.

2/Responsibility to the people. Company should clear the BOM list and material inventory personnel responsible for proofreading, if here is anything wrong, they should take the responsibility on it. The responsible person can set a layer of protectiong to the BOM list, the employee's psyhological sense of responsibility, also can effectiveyly reduce the BOM error.

3/Many companies now have ERP system,establishing contact between BOM and ERP, data storage, data entry should be from easy to difficult, from the whole to scattered, making the high volume orders into storage first, then the relevant data of small batch prodcution, it can automatically adjust the input sequence according to the requirement of management.

4/Of course, needing to confirm the material in your BOM is to be available for purchase, ensuring purchase in order to make sure the production.

We summarize the relevant experience as above, you can adpot according to your own situation. Welcome to propose a better suggestion.

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