2017: Still in Stockout and Price Rise of Electronic Components

2017-04-08 16:02:12 NOD Electronics 204

The obvious stockout and price rise of electronic components continued since 2016 to now. The supply chain crisis includes core processor, display, NAND flash, DRAM, fingerprint identification, camera, PCB and upstream materials.

electronic components

The Caused Reasons

The fire on Nov 8, 2016 made diodes factory stop to supply, which directly impacted global market. As a leading manufacturer of discrete, logic, simulation and mixed signal semiconductor, Diodes products are widely applied in consumer electronics, computer, communication, industry and automobile. Like LED, Diodes products were advanced items in earlier time, but with development of techniques and engineering process, many manufacturers exited. So once a gaint manufacturer met fatal problem, the global market will be heavily impacted, which absolutely led price rise of other materials. Due to rapid changes of smart phone market, whatever manufactuer, wholesaler, or dealer was not dare to make big stock and failed to face the market boom in recent years. So, it seems that the main reason of stockout and price rise of electronic component in year 2017 was caused by wrong market expectation and fatal emergencies in semiconductor industry.